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Blu-Ray and DVD on sale

Do people buy DVDs any more? Isn't it all NetFlix this and Amazon that? Well, whatever the case in this category we list any price drops we find from a range of well known online retailers that show significant savings from one day to another for DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

Blu-Ray and DVD price drops, deals and flash sales

PriceDropDonkey looks for price changes on hundreds of thousands of products every single day, and will list where we find a significant drop in price on any product. True, we only list a few main categories, such as Blu-Ray and DVD in this case, but that was to strip out all the junk offers that we thought were too trivial to bother with. We check the price one day, and if the next day it has dropped by more than a certain percent, or value, we list it here as a price drop saving. Once the price goes back UP it is removed from the site.